EPIDISC® Otologic Lamina

Natural Healing Protection

EPIDISC is a thin, implantable membrane designed to serve as an adjunct to assist in the natural healing process following otologic surgeries such as myringoplastic or tympanoplastic procedures.

EPIDISC is composed of HYAFF®, an ester of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring component of the extracellular matrix. The clear lamina has micro-perforations to allow permeability, which facilitates drainage of exudate at the surgical site.

EPIDISC is useful in surgical repairs such as covering exposed ear canal walls, lining the mastoid cavity, and reconstructing the tympanic membrane when used in concert with tissue graft techniques.

The EPIDISC Advantage

  • Pre-cut 8mm spherical discs promote efficient procedures
  • Micro-perforations allow permeability for drainage of exudate
  • Safe, natural, absorbable


EPIDISC is CE-marked and FDA cleared for use as an implant material to aid in surgical repairs and as an adjunct to aid in the natural healing process in various otologic procedures. EPIDISC is indicated for myringoplastic and tympanoplastic surgical procedures.

For additional details and information about the product, please refer to the Instructions for Use that are included in the product’s packaging.

EpiDisc® is a registered trademark of Medtronic Xomed, Inc.