EPIDISC® Tympanic Membrane Perforation Patch Kit

Natural Healing. Naturally Convenient.

EPIDISC T.M. is a conveniently packed perforation patch kit consisting of one 8mm EPIDISC® otologic lamina and a 2 x 2 cm square MEROGEL® QuickGel® otologic dressing designed to separate tissues post-surgery and to act as an adjunct to aid in the natural healing process following otologic surgeries such as myringoplastic.

EPIDISC otologic lamina and MEROGEL QuickGel otologic dressings are composed of HYAFF®, an ester of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring component of the extracellular matrix. EPIDISC is a clear lamina with micro-perforations to allow permeability. This facilitates drainage of exudate at the surgical site. MEROGEL QuickGel otologic dressings transform into a viscous, transparent gel when hydrated, thereby conforming to the surface of the tympanic membrane.

The EPIDISC T.M. Patch Kit Advantage

  • Pre-cut EPIDISC 8mm spherical disc and MEROGEL 2cm square promote efficient procedures
  • EPIDISC micro-perforations allow permeability for drainage of exudate
  • MEROGEL separates and prevents adhesion formation between mucosal surfaces
  • Safe, natural, absorbable


EPIDISC T.M. Perforation Patch Kit is CE-marked and FDA cleared for use following myringoplastic surgical procedures serving as an adjunct to aid in the natural healing process.

For additional details and information about the product, please refer to the Instructions for Use that are included in the product’s packaging.

EpiDisc® is a registered trademark of Medtronic Xomed, Inc.