HYALOSAFE® Film Wound Dressing

Protect & Manage Wounds

HYALOSAFE is a transparent wound dressing designed to provide an effective cover for superficial wounds and to create a moist healing environment.

HYALOSAFE is composed entirely of HYAFF®, a total benzyl ester of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance within the body. HYALOSAFE provides physical protection of the wound, and as it degrades, it creates an HA-rich micro-environment to support the body’s natural healing process.

HYALOSAFE is applied directly on the lesion, and since the dressing is transparent, it allows for continuous monitoring by a physician.

The HYALOSAFE Advantage

  • Transparency allows constant monitoring
  • Easy removal without wound trauma
  • Creation of a moist healing environment
  • Impermeable to micro-organisms, protecting the wound bed from infection
  • Selective permeability to water vapor


HYALOSAFE is CE-marked & FDA-cleared for the management of superficial moderately exuding wounds, including: post-laser surgery wounds, donor sites, superficial surgical wounds, and first and second-degree burns.

For additional details and information about the product, please refer to the Instructions for Use that are included in the product’s packaging.