Naturally Powerful Solutions to Enhance Natural Beauty and Manage Wounds

Anika offers a range of therapeutic solutions designed for wound management and the enhancement of natural beauty. Our proprietary technology utilizes naturally-sourced hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural component of the body vital for maintaining the elasticity and function of healthy tissue.

Beauty Solutions

Anika’s dermal fillers leverage the body’s ability to enhance natural beauty, and they provide for the safe, effective and non-surgical correction of lines and wrinkles with minimal discomfort due to the inclusion of lidocaine.

HA is a natural component of the skin, and it is able to absorb large quantities of water and to form complexes with collagen and elastin. These complexes support the structure of the skin and create volume to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Our cross-linked HA-based dermal filler injections help restore the skin’s natural appearance and volume, and they deliver long-lasting and naturally beautiful results.

Advanced Wound Care Solutions

Anika’s HA-based wound care solutions leverage the body’s ability to protect and heal itself, so patients can recover more naturally and return to their normal lives more quickly.

Our innovative HA-based advanced wound care products deliver powerful protection and effective wound management while promoting natural healing.

The Anika Advantage

Anika’s dermal solutions represent therapeutic advancements by providing convenient treatment regimes, reduced side effects and proven efficacy.

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