Moving Work Matters

What we do inside Anika helps move people outside in the real world


How We Work

At Anika, we give you the autonomy to do your best work. Our employees are fiercely focused, flexible, and highly engaged in all aspects of the company. We set goals, both independently and collectively, and we achieve them through hard work, determination and cooperation.

We Work Together

Just as no global movement springs from one individual, no global business is driven by one individual. It takes an entire team united behind a singular passion to drive success. At Anika, our employees constantly brainstorm together, work hard, and deliver results. Although we have many departments at Anika, we operate as one team. We share one common goal, to deliver the best therapeutic solutions to help people return to their active lives more quickly and more naturally.

At Anika, we tackle solutions head-on, and we never shrink from the task in front of us. This focus allows us to continuously move forward while our work allows others to move more freely and naturally.