Senior Maintenance Technician

The Senior Maintenance Technician performs preventative and corrective maintenance on a variety of complex utility systems within a GMP manufacturing facility. Equipment includes but is not limited to; HVAC-R, steam boilers, cold rooms, compressed air and gas systems, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Water for Injection (WFI) systems, waste water treatment and clean steam generation.

The Senior Maintenance Technician will also perform corrective and preventive maintenance on manufacturing and process equipment specific to a GMP manufacturing facility, such as Bioreactors, filling machines, chromatography columns autoclave’s and glass washers.

The Senior Maintenance technician must be able to interpret drawings, wiring diagrams, and equipment specifications in order to effectively perform troubleshooting and repair activities. This role will be responsible for training junior technicians as well as providing support for new equipment and plant system installations as necessary.

Strategic Focus Areas:

  1. Maintain all facility equipment and systems at optimum levels of performance, efficiency, and reliability.
  2. Ensure that all facilities and maintenance activities are performed in accordance with current internal and external requirements for safety, quality, regulatory environmental, and compliance standards.
  3. Commit to continuous improvement through the identification and implementation of new ideas that positively impact a segment or area of the organization and its overall performance.
  4. Collaboratively work to resolve issues and improve overall organizational performance.

Specific Tactical Responsibilities:

  1. Perform and document all corrective and preventative maintenance activities performed on GMP facility equipment and/or systems in accordance with GDP requirements.
  2. Respond to emergency service calls and resolve identified issues in a timely manner and in accordance with all safety, quality and compliance requirements.
  3. Assist in the design, installation, and qualification of new facility equipment and systems as applicable to your level of expertise.
  4. Participate in cross functional teams created to perform investigations, root cause analysis, CAPA creation or improvement opportunities as needed and appropriate for your area of expertise.
  5. Engage in and contribute to the organization’s Reliability program as a subject matter expert in your skill and knowledge areas.
  6. Obtain and maintain gown certification for clean room entry.
  7. Perform weekend walkthrough duties according to schedule.
  8. Participate in an On-Call rotation for off hour facility emergencies.
  9. Ensure that all required quality and safety training is completed on time and current.

Job Complexity:

This job requires a level of technical proficiency in multiple skill areas and the ability to interpret complex information to solve problems.

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Required Qualifications:

  1. HS diploma and 7+ years of experience working in a GMP environment
  2. Experience working independently with little to no supervision

Desired Experience, Knowledge, and Skills:

  1. Experience working for a maintenance organization in a GMP Biotech/Pharmaceutical manufacturing environment
  2. Licensure any of the following areas: Waste Water Treatment, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, Electrician, or Plumbing
  3. Ability to work autonomously, effective manage time to achieve goals and objectives.
  4. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

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