Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Manager

Supervisor: CFO

Department:  FIN 675

Position Scope:

Reporting to the CFO, the IR and CC Manager is responsible for the investor relations and corporate communications program of the company. With input and guidance from the CEO and CFO, the IR and CC Manager will assist with the development of strategy and operating plans, as well as the execution of the plans.

Specific Tactical Responsibilities:

  • Participates in the development of the company’s IR strategy, operating plan, and budget.
  • Leads the execution of the company’s IR program.
  • Prepares press releases, conference call scripts, annual meeting scripts and related materials.
  • Participates and supports investor presentations and discussions.
  • Use statistical targeting to identify good-fit institutional investors.
  • Educates and updates investors and analysts; Keeps shareholders knowledgeable about the company.
  • Leads the IR effort to find, support, and encourage prospective investors by broadening awareness and interest through conferences, presentations, meetings, media, and mailings.
  • Oversees contracts for and directs the capital markets database and intelligence system that supports the investor relations program.
  • Collaborates with the Sr. Corporate General Counsel and finance staff on SEC filing preparation.
  • Leads the email and mail distribution of relevant company news releases, publications, and SEC filings.
  • Leads the maintenance of the company’s disclosure policy.
  • Leads the IR website section and content.

Required Qualifications, Desired Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

  • College degree required, with a master’s degree desirable.
  • Five+ years of experience in investor relations, finance, marketing, planning and development, or corporate communication positions for a public company or a consulting agency.
  • Outstanding written communication skills.
  • Excellent oral communication skills and presentation ability.
  • Basic financial and investment analysis skills, including an understanding of the financial modeling techniques used by security analysts to project a company’s operating and financial performance and the resulting value for its stock.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, superior intellect, and an outstanding ability to communicate using these qualities and skills.
  • A creative, flexible, energetic, efficient and resourceful team player and individual contributor.
  • A person with an insatiable appetite to learn more.

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