Internal adhesions are a common occurrence following surgical procedures.  Examples of surgical interventions where post-operative adhesions are most prominent and considered problematic include abdominal, gynecologic, cardiac, spine, tendon and peripheral nerve surgeries.  Depending on the location, density, size and tenacity, these adhesions can lead to significant clinical problems such as infertility, intestinal blockage, recurring back or pelvic pain, and loss of function and sensation.  For these reasons surgeons have sought a consistent, effective method which complements current and emerging surgical techniques to prevent post-operative adhesions.

Adhesion prevention products are designed to minimize post-operative adhesions, usually by creating a mechanical barrier between internal tissues and organs. 

Anika’s first product in the INCERT® line of adhesion preventions products is INCERT®–S.  INCERT–S is available in Europe and internationally and is designed to prevent adhesions after spinal surgeries such as discectomies with laminectomy or laminotomy.

Anti Adhesion