HYALOGLIDE® & HYALOGLIDE® mini Anti-Adhesion Gel

Prevent or Reduce Adhesions for Tendon, Peripheral Nerve and Articular Surgeries

HYALOGLIDE is a transparent, highly viscous barrier gel used to prevent or reduce adhesions after various surgical procedures, such as tendon, carpal tunnel, peripheral nerve or joint surgery. HYALOGLIDE is composed of a highly purified, auto cross-linked hyaluronic acid (ACP) and is both bioresorbable and biocompatible.

HYALOGLIDE functions by creating a physical barrier to prevent adhesions from forming. As a result of its viscosity, HYALOGLIDE perfectly adheres to the surface of the tissue, creating an anti-adhesion barrier which keeps the adjacent tissues separated while repair occurs after a surgical procedure. This anti-adhesion layer is then completely resorbed over time.

HYALOGLIDE mini has the same indications and advantages of HYALOGLIDE, but it is conveniently offered in a smaller volume for procedures requiring less gel.

The HYALOGLIDE Advantage

  • Prevents or reduces adhesion formation
  • Safe, natural and resorbable after repair
  • Quick and easy application
  • High viscosity for temporary mechanical barrier to adhere to tissue surface
  • Cost effective


HYALOGLIDE & HYALOGLIDE mini are CE-marked to prevent or reduce adhesions or fibrosis following tendon, peripheral nerve or articular surgery.

For additional details and information about the product, please refer to the Instructions for Use that are included in the product’s packaging.

HYALOGLIDE & HYALOGLIDE mini are not approved for use in the United States.