Osteoarthritis pain affects millions of people worldwide and can be disabling. Anika's Joint Health products treat osteoarthritis pain at its source - the joint. In the therapy known as viscosupplementation, a hyaluronic acid solution is injected into the joint space. Supplementing the naturally occurring hyaluronan in the synovial joint space is believed to mimic the rheology of normal synovial fluid and restore homeostasis of the affected joint. Viscosupplementation represents an effective, safe, convenient, and non-surgical therapeutic alternative or adjunct to physical therapy, medication or surgery.

Viscosupplementation has been widely used and studied for many years in the knee joint, with millions of injections performed. More recently, clinical studies have shown positive outcomes after the use of viscosupplementation in hip, shoulder, ankle, temporomandibular and other joints.

Anika manufactures a wide range of viscosupplements. ORTHOVISC® is indicated for the treatment of knee pain in the United States, and for the treatment of knee and other synovial joint pain in the European Economic Area. ORTHOVISC® mini is available in Europe and is designed to treat small synovial joint pain. The newest product in the Joint Health franchise is MONOVISC, a single injection product approved for use in Europe in all synovial joints.