"Innovation... Continuous Improvement... Customer Focus..."

If these words resonate with you, Anika Therapeutics is the place to be. Our focus is on what’s ahead, not what we have already done. There are new frontiers to be explored, new discoveries to be made, new treatments to be developed.

Our employees are bright, energetic individuals who share a common goal and a spirit of teamwork. From Product Development, to Technology Transfer and Production, each individual adds value and our success is as a whole.

Individuals who are successful at Anika Therapeutics have a “can do” attitude, can think both inside and outside the box, and believe product quality starts with the first glimmer of an idea in the product development stage.

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In The News...

The Boston Globe recently published the 25th annual Globe 100 list which ranked Anika Therapeutics as one of the top performing Massachusetts public companies. This represents the sixth year in a row that Anika has been recognized in the Globe 100 list. The rankings are based on how well the companies increased sales, profits and returns for shareholders during 2012.

In order to be considered for the Globe 100 a company must: maintain a headquarters in Massachusetts, trade its shares on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ Stock Market, or the NYSE Amex, have been a public company for all of 2012, and report revenue and profit for both 2011 and 2012. Rankings are based on four financial factors calculated for the 2012 calendar year: Return on average equity; one-year change in revenue; one-year change in profit margin; and 2012 revenue.